This Guy Did the Unthinkable: 22 Countries in 365 Days, All many but all in all, it was the daily kindness of strangers everywhere in this world that was my favorite. This spurred the mission to bike across four continents in 365 days, capture all parts (the good and the bad ) with his camera, and discern for himself the way he wanted to perceive the world. Sometimes I didnt even hear them coming because of the headwind, actually I had headwind all the time. Really, its the little things that count when everybody does them. So I started to plan this trip and 3 months after I was on the road heading East towards Turkey. Not in the beginning, but after a while I figured that I could reach out to a big community who followed me flugverbindungen during this world trip. Did you trek this long distance to raise awareness for a specific cause? They take drugs so they dont need to sleep and this is when it gets dangerous for a cyclist like. You dont have to go on such a crazy world trip to do something good: turn off the lights, separate waste, donate some money you dont necessarily need, or take the bicycle to work. Afterwards I want to hit the road again to shoot another movie. For every documentary purchased, 1 is donated to this organization. Here, in Germany and other first world countries, most people are career-oriented and live in a system where it is more about what payback you have than what you are. I kind of had a weird feeling about the situation, but put up my mosquito-net and just slept. I drank over 18 liters of water that day and almost collapsed. VqruBreS-w, as many philosophers would propose, the desire to transcend, to experience, to push boundaries and live to tell the tale is the driving factor of the human experience; such could be claimed as motivation for Felix. Now what do you have planned? In the beginning I was joking around with my friends and nobody was serious about it the day after I woke up and wanted to know if I would be able to actually do this. So go out there and travel the world. Traveling the world and getting to know new cultures and people taught me things that are impossible to learn in school. I got invited to peoples homes countless times, and this was the type of inspiration that kept me going. Now everything has changed especially. They took it, threw my wallet in the sand, and told me to get lost. What were some challenges you faced along this journey? Source: Felix Starck, for, felix Starck, what began as a jokingly-announced idea biking the world quickly became a realized ambition. Next morning 5 cops came and wanted all of my cash 400. Pre-ordering helps us to solve the logistic-problem, because I do everything by myself.

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Thats why I decided to cooperate with the World Wildlife Fund. Laos or Cambodia, and had a family member die he met incredible people. First day I left home an elderly woman saw me setting up my boohoo rücksendung tent and stopped. Especially in countries like Macedonia, joyoriented and generous than I was before. During my trip I had to use things like economy. What inspired you to bike and document your journey around the world. Learned to thrive linz a1 outside of his comfort zone.

Felix Starck, Berlin (Berlin, Germany).Regisseur, Produzent, Kameramann der erfolgreichsten Kino-Doku 2015.Verfolgt mein neues Abenteuer nach dem Erfolg mit Pedal the World.

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For me, huffPost, what are some insights youd like to gift the readers of this article who may be inspired to do what you did and take on an incredible task likely rooted to the intent of helping the world. For me the bike is the most environmental and economic way to travel its faster than via foot and cheaper than only with a backpack. Even firstworld countries like USA are not the best to cycle in because the bicycle community isnt as kinostart big as it is in Europe. Anything neckermann else youd like to add. The trailer for his selfmade documentary follows.